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Locked out, lost, stolen car keys, ignition lock problems? Alex Auto Locksmith services is specialists at gaining entry to private and commercial vehicles and we have the expertise and appropriate tools to carry out the work. Once we have gained entry we can determine the requirements for your new car keys and make sure that they are programmed correctly to operate the immobiliser. We will also make sure that only your new car keys can be used by erasing the code from your lost keys so that they will no longer start the car. We also have the necessary equipment and expertise for programming keys containing chips to ensure that your vehicle works.
Our trained locksmiths deal with car lockouts on a daily basis. We will come to the car’s location and open the doors or boot without damaging the car or the lock. Alex auto locksmith also provide a key copying and replacement key service including immobilisers. We also reprogramme keys.

Ignition lock repair
Repair & Replace Ignition barrel

Key not going in or stuck in ignition lock? Our ignition services include car ignition switch repair and installation, ignition lock, barrel repair, broken key extraction, removing stuck key from ignition lock

Vehicle trunk, door opening
Trunk, door Opening

Lost, locked keys in car? We can professionally open cars, vans and trucks without damage by one of highly trained Auto Locksmiths.

Repair or replace all auto locks
Repair & Replace All Auto Locks

It may still be possible for thieves to gain access to the interior of your vehicle using the stolen keys because they are cut the same way. To avoid this it is possible to do a complete lock change or adjust the tumblers in each lock barrel so that they can’t gain entry.

Transponder chip keys
Transponder Chip Keys

Nowadays modern car lock systems have more digital components than you can imagine. In most cases, a simple key duplication is not an option anymore, since keys require programming to link them to your car.
Our skilled locksmiths can help you by programming keys

Key extraction
Key Extraction

Broken car keys or car keys snapping in the lock we are normally able to remove broken keys using specialist extraction tools. Sometimes it is necessary to remove and strip down the lock to remove the key.

Repair &replace lost/stolen keys
Repair & Replace Lost/Stolen Keys

We can duplicate a new key from the pieces of your broken key or make a new key from your lock, as well as replace the transponder chip from your snapped key into your replacement key if required.

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